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Top 5 English Courses

Average: 3.7 (12 votes)

We get a lot of emails from English learners asking us which English course they should take. Here are some suggestions.

Our top five most highly recommended courses

1 - General English →
Available in all schools for students of all levels. A good choice for students who want to focus on speaking.

2 - Intensive English →
Great for students who want to learn a lot in a short time. Extra lessons and a choice of electives available in all schools.

3 - Academic Year Programme →
The best choice for students studying for 24 weeks or more. Progress reports, monitoring and regular tests on this structured course.

4 - TOEFL Crash-Course →
For students who only have a short time to prepare for the TOEFL. Experienced teachers and focused lessons on a 4-week course.

5 - Business English Mini Group →
Small class sizes for professionally-minded people who need English for their career. Minimum age: 23.