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Top 5 lessons on learnenglish.ecenglish.com

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http://learnenglish.ecenglish.com is now over one year-old. Here are the top five lessons on our site. These are the most popular lessons for English learners like you.

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1 - '-ed' and '-ing' adjectives: describing feelings and things

(Lesson added: 11 July, 2008)

Still a popular lesson after 9 months, learn these all-important adjective endings:



2 - Can you read this?

(Lesson added: 19 October, 2008)

An interesting test to see if you read the paragraph even though the letters are all mixed up.



3 - What are State Verbs?

(Lesson added: 3 September, 2008)

A useful lesson on state verbs and how to use them:



4 - Antonyms: choose the opposite word

(Lesson added: 24 August, 2008)

A great lesson using opposites to build your vocabulary:



5 - Personality Adjectives - 'What is she like?'

(Lesson added: 7 July, 2008)

An A-Z of personality adjectives and some important points to remember: