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Top-ten favourite words

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A few years ago the BBC reported that 15,000 British people voted for their favourite English word. Below you can see the top ten words. Strangely, this list contains 2 words which are not real English words, but come from the Harry Potter books! The information on this list does not reflect the views of English language learners, so what is your favourite word? Tell us favourite English word in the comments box below (no bad or rude words, please)!

1 - Serendipity

Type of word: Noun
Meaning: The lucky tendency to find interesting or valuable things by chance / to have luck or good fortune.
Example: He had the serendipity of getting the first job that he applied for.

2 - Quidditch

Type of word: Noun
Meaning: This is not a real word! It is the name of a sport played in the Harry Potter books.
Example: Quidditch is the fictitious game for witches and wizards from JK Rowling's very popular Harry Potter series of books.

3 - Love

You already know this word; it appears in nearly every song you hear on the radio!

4 - Peace/why

Again, I'm sure that you know the meaning of both of these words, so there is no need to explain!

5 - Onomatopoeia

Type of word: Noun
Meaning: A word which is formed by the sound that it makes -a cow goes' moo'; a gun goes 'bang'.
Example: 'Woof' is an onomatopoeia - that's the noise a dog makes when it barks.

6 - Hope

Type of word: Noun / Verb
Meaning as a noun: A confident feeling about what will happen in the future.
Example: What are your hopes for the future

Meaning as a verb: To want something to happen or to be true.
Example: I really hope she calls me tonight.

7 - Faith

Type of word: Noun
Meaning 1: A great trust or confidence in something or someone.
Example: I have faith in you; I know you can do it.

Meaning 2: A particular religion.
Example: The Muslim faith

Meaning 3: A belief in God.
Example: My faith helps me through difficult times.

8 - Football/muggle/ hello/family

Three easy words and another un-real one from Harry Potter! Let's take a quick look at 'muggle'.

Type of word: Noun
Meaning:This is not a real word! In the Harry Potter books, a muggle is any person without magical ability.
Example: 'He's not a wizard, he's a muggle.'

9 - Compassion/home

You know what 'home' means, so let's take a look at 'compassion'.

Type of word: Noun
Meaning:A strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for the pain or bad luck of others and a wish to help them.
Example: 'He didn't show any compassion to them.' '

10 - Jesus/money

You've probably already heard of 'Jesus' (God's son in Christianity) and 'money' (the thing we never have enough of).

Now tell us your favourite word!

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