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Understanding Conversations

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Fred is being invited by his buddies (friends) Jeff, Nicole, and Selina to go to a soccer game. It has been a while since the four have had an opportunity to spend time together. Read their conversation then answer the questions below:

Jeff : Hey Fred, have any plans tomorrow? Nicole, Selina, and I are all going to watch Manchester United play Chelsea in London. We have an extra ticket. You interested in tagging along?

Fred : You know I’m like the biggest Chelsea fan, right? Count me in! When and where are we going to meet up?

Jeff : We’re going to meet at the bus station and ride to the game together. We’ll leave at around noon.

The day of the game

Nicole : This is so exciting! It’s been so long since we all had a chance to get together. Everyone has been so busy as of late.

Selina : I’m so happy I don’t have to be in the office today. This is such a perfect day to hang out!

Fred : Hey, the game is about to start!

Jeff : Anyone interested in some food or drinks? I’m heading to the concession stands right now. Fred and I have a tradition of getting chips, covered in the hottest sauce possible, every time we come to the game.

Selina : Are you boys down for a competition?… The girls versus the boys… The team that finishes the food first, wins.

Fred : Ohhh, you girls are going down! There is no way that a couple of “ladies” can out eat Jeff and me.

Nicole : As if! Let me remind you that Selina and I finished 3 extra large pizzas last time we all went out. You two “boys” were stuck babysitting a medium!

Jeff : Hey! We had already eaten dinner before we had those pizzas!

Fred : Ohh, free kick ref! Jeff, go get our food already… I’m going to die of starvation!

Selina : Look Fred, I brought my Manchester United scarf! You like it?

Fred : That is so cheesy!

Selina : Oh, you’re just jealous that you don’t have one.

Jeff : Alright, who’s chipping in for the chips? Or is it supposed to be my treat?

Nicole : Here, Jeff. I’ll pay for them this time. By the way, what’s everyone up to later?

  • 1. Where did the group of friends go together?

  • 2. What does "tag along" mean?

  • 3. If you “out do” someone, you..?

  • 4. Which of the following could replace “right” in the following sentence and keep the same meaning? “You know I’m like the biggest Chelsea fan, right?”

  • 5. In the dialogue, what did Nicole mean when she said “babysitting”?

  • 6. What did Fred mean when he said, “I am going to die of starvation”?

  • 7. Are you ___ going to the beach this weekend?

  • 8. Can everyone ___ $5 for Maddy’s birthday present?

  • 9. Your team is ___! Their star player just got a red card!

  • 10. Can you please get me a hotdog and a milkshake at the ___?