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Understanding Questions

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Hello, how are you today? Do you want to improve your English?

Let's practise giving the correct responses to the questions we are asked. To do that we must understand the question. 

For example, if Spain is the answer, what is the question?:

1) Where are you from?
2) Which are you from?
3) What are you from?

The correct answer is:

Where are you from?
(I'm from) Spain

"Where are you from?", is the correct form because where is used with places. What and which are not correct because, what is for a thing/object and which is for a choice.

Now choose the question which best matches the given reply:

  • 1) "Fine.":

  • 2) "London.":

  • 3) "I'm 19."

  • 4) "We call it a 'spoon'".

  • 5) "He's outside".

  • 6) "She has long black hair."

  • 7) "It rained all week!":

  • 8) "Because I overslept."

  • 9) "The blue one."

  • 10) "Midnight."