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'Up' Phrasal Verbs

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Do you find it easy to pick up (learn quickly) new phrasal verbs? Do you sometimes get confused and screw up (make a mistake) when you use them? Well, cheer up (become happier) because here are ten up phrasal verbs that will make your English sound more natural.

Phrasal Verbs using Up

1. take up - start
2. give up - quit
3. make up - invent, lie about something
4. look up - find, search for
5. show up - arrive
6. set up - arrange
7. keep up - continue at the same rate
8. blow up - explode
9. get up - get out of bed
10. end up - eventually do/decide

Now complete the sentences with the correct form of the phrasal verb:

  • 1. up smoking isn't easy.
  • 2. Slow down! I can't up.
  • 3. You can rely on Jim to up on time.
  • 4. Have you up any new hobbies lately?
  • 5. Don't believe everything she tells you. She likes up stories.
  • 6. I'll help you up for the party as soon as I get home.
  • 7. Did you up the telephone number of the restaurant?
  • 8. The car up after it crashed into the wall.
  • 9. We up going to the theatre instead of the gallery.
  • 10. I up early this morning and went for a walk.