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Upper-Intermediate English tenses test

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Today's lesson is for high / upper intermediate English students.

Time to take a careful look at the structure of some English sentences. This exercise will help you review English tenses. As I mentioned already, read the sentences carefully for clues on which tense should be used. There's also a phrasal verb question in there, too (see number 3).

Make sure you leave a comment letting us know how you did and questions if you need help. Always reply to the comments which you know the answers to. Be kind - help your classmates!

Good luck, everyone.

Link: Find the mistakes...can you?

  • 1 - Tom will ring you as soon as he ___.

  • 2 - They ___ by the time we arrived.

  • 3 - Let me ___ to you have more information

  • 4 - Before I moved to Paris, I ___ in Lyon.

  • 5 - Trying ___ smoking is a very hard thing to do.

  • 6 - ___ in England for so long, her English is great.

  • 7 - The train ___ from platform 8 goes to Liverpool.

  • 8 - They ___ for you to decide.

  • 9 - The traffic was ___ heavy he was late for work.

  • 10 - Rice is often ___ at weddings.