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Upper Intermediate: IELTS, ESOL and TOEFL Vocabulary

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Taking a English exam like Cambridge ESOL, TOEFL or IELTS is a big challenge and requires you to work hard. Independent study is an important part of the process. Serious English learners are always looking to expand their vocabualry by finding and learning new words.

Today I want to encourage you to be active with your English learning. Here are 10 words which will be unknown to many of you. Your task is to look these words up in the on-line dictionary provided and then type these words into the correct sentences.

Ten words is a lot to learn in one today, but perhaps you will come back to them again. I hope this activity will remind you of the importance of using an English-English dictionary.

You should also be keeping a notebook of new words you learn. You'll find this a better way to learn. Being well organised is a good start.

Good luck,


Cambridge Dictionaries Online


  • proposal
  • iconic
  • inspired
  • rigorous
  • potential
  • extend
  • revenge
  • launching
  • inception
  • adaptation


Link: TOEFL Questions

  • 1 - This book me open my own business. We've been open for 3 years now.
  • 2 - The movie is about a man who takes on the gang that killed his brother.
  • 3 - I can't agree with this . In fact, I can't agree with any of their plans.
  • 4 - We're going to our stay for another couple of days.
  • 5 - The fast-food chain are a new range of healthy burgers this week.
  • 6 - Over 75 years after its , Disney is still making unforgettable movies.
  • 7 - There is a very interview process to become a police officer.
  • 8 - The film is an of a book of the same name.
  • 9 - Although she is young, she shows great . I'm sure she will become a success.
  • 10 - Like the Mona Lisa, Beethoven's 5th has status.