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Upper Intermediate Reading: Africa

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There are many wonderful places to visit in Africa, this place is definitely one I would recommend.

Read the passage below and find the definitions of the words underlined from the list below.

Lesson by Jean, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

Lake Kariba

In Zimbabwe, there is a place called Lake Kariba. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. There is an abundance of wild animals and the birdlife is spectacular. If you want to rough-it you can choose any number of camping spots or if you prefer you can go on a luxurious houseboat where you won't have to lift a finger. Your meals are prepared and even your drinks are served to you. There are also a few small islands you can visit. Kariba is the biggest man-made lake in the world and going to see the dam wall, where so many Portuguese workers are still entombed in the concrete, is indeed an impressive site. You will be woken up by the hauntingly beautiful sound of the famous fish eagle and start your day with an ice cold drink as the temperature soars to 40 degrees Celsius in Summer. The mosquitoes can be a problem so you must make sure you bring protection for both the sun and the pesky insects. It is common to see all sorts of wildlife, especially hippos and elephant. The whole adventure is well worth your while and is an experience you will never forget.


Someone or something that is irritating.
Plentiful – when there is a lot of something.
Increases suddenly.
An impressive sight.
Memorably beautiful or sad.
To live without the usual comforts, like electricity and T.V, etc..
To make a strong impression.
Very comfortable living.
Not do any work or chores at all.
To be buried within something.

Now match the words to their definitions:

  • 1.Abundance

  • 2.Spectacular

  • 3.Rough-it

  • 4.Luxurious

  • 5.Not lift a finger

  • 6.Entombed

  • 7.Impressive

  • 8.Hauntingly

  • 9.Soars

  • 10.Pesky