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Upper-Intermediate Reading: English Coastal Towns

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Being from a seaside town myself, I'm particularly interested in how we can continue to celebrate their heritage within the UK. Recently, the national lottery has announced a fund to help seaside towns to improve their economic and social situations. This information comes from a government website and therefore has a slightly different tone to a newspaper article. What differences do you think you might notice? Read through the article and complete the gaps with the missing words.

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Lesson by Caroline

New Funding for English Coastal Towns

A new _1_ to help support much loved seaside towns create new jobs and prosperity was launched today by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Chief Secretary Danny Alexander.

The £23.7million Coastal Communities Fund has been created to provide _2_ coastal communities all across the country with money to support new opportunities that can make their town _3_.

Seaside groups could use the money to start programmes that can deliver skills training, offer _4_ to school leavers, create new workspaces or support small-scale transport improvements.

Successful _5_ can expect to get a grant of between £50,000 and £2million. Mr Pickles said he would especially like to see quality bids come in from social enterprises, charities, local businesses or local enterprise partnerships.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, said:

"We look forward to receiving innovative bids from charities, businesses, social enterprises and local organisations, which support the _6_ development of the community."

Minister of the Department of Finance and Personnel in Northern Ireland, Sammy Wilson, said:

"The Northern Ireland Executive is committed to rebuilding and rebalancing the local economy and economic, social and physical renewal is an important part of that. Northern Ireland is _7_ for its natural beauty along our coastal routes and this new initiative will provide some welcome funding for a number of local development projects in coastal communities which have much to offer in terms of natural and sustainable tourism."

Choose the correct missing words to complete the text:

  • Missing word 1:

  • Missing word 2:

  • Missing word 3:

  • Missing word 4:

  • Missing word 5:

  • Missing word 6:

  • Missing word 7: