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Use the correct verb

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A verb is a word that shows an action. It is important to choose the verb that fits with the subject and object in a sentence otherwise your English will not sound natural or you may not be able to make yourself understood.

For example it would be very strange for someone to say, "we is" instead of "we are", or "I need to make a break", instead of, "I need to take a break".

We can also change the form of verbs to show when an action happens.

She plays football - now and always
She played football - in the past
She is playing football - at the moment
She was playing football - she has stopped playing

See how well you know verbs by taking this quick quiz. Choose the correct verb in each sentence:

  • 1) I ___ to her yesterday.

  • 2) ___ you go on holiday last summer?

  • 3) I'm going to ___ a suit to the party.

  • 4) They ___ all brought their homework.

  • 5) Let me ___ you a cup of coffee.

  • 6) Please do not ___ a mess in this room.

  • 7) We were ___ TV in the living room.

  • 8) He __ skiing on Saturday.

  • 9) They could not ___ which one they liked.

  • 10) Can I ___ you a question?