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Useful phrases for your covering letter

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Applying for a job takes time and thought. Your CV is a summary of your education, achievements and job history for prospective employers and so it should be carefully prepared. A CV is usually sent with a covering letter.

A covering letter is usually the first direct contact between a candidate and an employer, so it has to be well-written and presented.

Some useful vocabulary:

made known to people

to apply
to ask in a formal way to be considered for a job

to pursue
to have, to chase, to follow

to work well under pressure
to be able to keep calm and do a good job in difficult situations

Now choose the correct words to complete this covering letter. Good luck!

Dear Mr Green,

I am writing to ___ for the position of Editorial Assistant which was ___ in the Sunday Times.

I am currently ___ by a Market Research company as a research assistant, but am keen to ___ a career in publishing, because I enjoy reading and write my own poetry.

As you will notice on the ___ CV, I graduated in Contemporary Literature. At University I gained considerable ___ working on the Faculty of Arts' student magazine, so I am ___ with editing techniques. I work well under ___ and enjoy working in a team.

I would be ___ for an interview this week and the following. Meanwhile, please do not ___ to contact me if you require further information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy King.

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