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Uses of Like

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When we hear the word like we think about things we enjoy, "I like English." There are other uses of the word. How familiar are you with these?

"What's she like?" - 'What...like?' is used when asking about someone's personality or character. You could answer with:
She is funny/patient/outgoing.

"What does she look like?" - used to ask about someone's physical appearance. You could answer with:
She is tall/she has brown hair/she has green eyes.

"What does he like?" - used to ask about someone's tastes, interests or what he or she enjoys. You could answer with:
He likes English/running/music.

"I wish I were tall like you." - similar to.

"What would you like to drink?" - 'would like' means to want something:

"Shall we go out?" "If you like." - used when we agree with a plan.

"Do it like they taught you." - in the same way.

Now do this like quiz:

  • 1 - "What does he like?"

  • 2 - "What does she look like?"

  • 3 - What ___ you like to drink?

  • 4 - "What does James like?"

  • 5 - "Do it like this."