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Uses of prepositions

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Prepositions show the relationship between nouns or pronouns.

They are used in a variety of situations, here are five circumstances:

Prepositions of place examples

My text book is on the desk.

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Prepositions of time examples

We go camping in summer.

I'll call you on Friday.

Prepositions of direction examples

We not allowed into the kitchen.

They raced up the hill.

Prepositions of manner examples

She shouted at her brother.

They were eating with their fingers.

Prepositions of reason examples

She bought a dress for the party.

They passed the test because they all studied hard.

Now choose the best preposition in each sentence:

  • 1) They drove ___ the countryside.

  • 2) I'll go for a run ___ the morning.

  • 3) She was born ___ 1989.

  • 4) We were talking ___ 20 minutes.

  • 5) Hold the umbrella ___ your head.

  • 6) We rode ___ the bus.

  • 7) Stand ___ your father.

  • 8) Do you work ___ a bank?

  • 9) I'm tired ___ walking.

  • 10) Write ___ a pen.

  • 11) Who threw that snowball ___ me?

  • 12) I'm confused ___ prepositions.