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Using It

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One of the most common mistakes I find students making, is when and where to use the word 'it'. Here are some sentences to help you remember when we need to use this little word.

Some of the sentences are correct, and some are missing 'it'.

Rewrite the sentences to make them correct.

I hope this helps!

Write the correct sentences in the comments area.

1. Is raining outside?
2. That house is huge!
3. Are you sure you want to go there? Is very far.
4. My cat is called Edward.
5. Is there any milk at home? I really want some tea when I get back.
6. Have you seen the new stadium? Is really breathtaking.
7. I've lost my black dress. Have you seen?
8. London is an exciting, multicultural city.
9. Do you have my pen?
10. This chicken is delicious. Is organic?

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