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Using 'Wish'

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The main use of 'wish' is to say that we would like things to be different from what they are, that we have regrets about the present situation; we want something to happen or to be true even though it is unlikely or impossible.

I wish I was thin. (I am not thin.)
In formal English, use the subjunctive form 'were' and not 'was' after 'wish'.
I wish I were thin.

I wish I were more intelligent. (I am not intelligent enough.)
She wishes she worked for Apple. (She does not work for Apple but she wants to.)
They wish they'd brought warmer clothes. (The clothes they brought are not warm. They want warmer clothes.)

Remember we usually use wish for things that are noot possible. If something is possible use hope instead of wish.

I hope I pass my English test. (not, I wish I pass my English test.)

Now choose the correct word to complete each sentence:

  • 1) I wish it ___ Saturday.

  • 2) I wish I ___ speak Spanish.

  • 3) I ___ I get a new phone for my birthday.

  • 4) I wish I had ___ my younger sister with me.

  • 5) He wishes he had ___ all his old photos.

  • 6) I wish I ___ a big garden.

  • 7) I wish you would ___ harder.