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Verb Conjugation

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In English, the verb we use in a sentence depends on its subject. How the verb changes is called a conjugation.

There are six object 'persons'.

First person singular

I am British.

I speak English.

Second person singular

You are British.

You speak English.

Third person singular

He is British.

He speaks English.

She is British.

She speaks English.

It is British.

It speaks English.

First person plural

We are British.

We speak English.

Second person plural

You are British.

You speak English.

Third person plural

They are British.

They speak English.

Now choose the correct verb conjugations and pay attention to tenses:

  • 1) We ___ it is a good idea.

  • 2) He ___ every day.

  • 3) They ___ all the information.

  • 4) It ___ cold outside.

  • 5) She ___ on a hard bed.

  • 6) You ___ quiet today.

  • 7) I ___ a strange dream last night.

  • 8) When I got married, Sarah ___ at my wedding.

  • 9) My dog ___ chasing cats.

  • 10) Does he ___ in a bank?

  • 11) They ___ looking for you.

  • 12) We ___ to take the bus because I couldn't find my car keys.