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Verb Forms

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How well do you remember how to form the correct verb tense?

In each sentence below, change the highlighted verb for the correct tense.

Only use one word per sentence. If the tense is already correct, still type in the verb shown.

Think about present simple, past simple, present continuous and past participle in your answers.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

  • 1. Did you 'borrow' my pen yesterday? I can't find it:
  • 2. Have you ever 'eat' Chinese food?:
  • 3. I've been 'have' nightmares so much lately. I think it’s because I'm really stressed:
  • 4. I didn't 'love' the show, but it was ok:
  • 5. They were 'kiss' in the cinema right in front of us. It was annoying, I wanted to watch the film!:
  • 6. Have you 'buy' some dinner for tonight?:
  • 7. 'Do' you have any pets when you were little?:
  • 8. I might 'visit' my Grandfather next week:
  • 9. Until yesterday, I hadn't 'talk' to her for years!
  • 10. I've been 'drink' way too much coffee lately:
  • 11. I've never 'steal' anything in my life:
  • 12. Please could you keep the noise down, I'm 'listen' to the news:
  • 13. I've 'live' in three different countries:
  • 14. Please could you 'make' me a cup of tea?
  • 15. She was 'scream' for hours and I couldn't calm her down: