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Verb, Noun, Adjective or Adverb?

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Take a look at the the following examples of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, subjects and objects:

"Joe ate his banana." - noun

"They ran all the way home." - verb

"You are a pretty girl." - adjective

"He quietly opened the door." - adverb

"The spider ran across the table." - preposition

"Paper is made from wood." - subject

"Leonard da Vinci painted 'The Last Supper'." - object

Note: The subject is usually the word that does something; whereas, the object is the word receiving what is done. A noun can be a subject and also an object.

Now read through the ten sentences and decide what each key word is:

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  • Chess is a FAVOURITE hobby of mine.

  • She suffers a lot from BOREDOM when it rains.

  • That boy can swim FAST.

  • He often FORGETS his homework.

  • They went to bed WITHOUT dinner.

  • During the test, PETER wrote a lot.

  • The GOALKEEPER saved the penalty.

  • Susan grabbed her JACKET.

  • Do you love HIM?

  • The cat is WHITE.