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Verb Review

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When you start learning verbs you will usually try to remember them in three different forms. The Present Simple, Past Simple and Past Participle. A regular verb will look like this:
Look (present simple)
Looked (past simple)
(past participle)

With both the past simple and the past participle ending in ‘ed’. However, irregular verbs follow no patterns and we just have to learn them. For example:
Break (present simple)
Broke (past simple)
Broken (past participle)

In the following sentences, it is your job to decide which form of the verb is needed. Some of them are regular and some are not. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. I (cry) for five hours when he left.
  • 2. Have you ever (steal) anything?
  • 3. I (walk) to work every day.
  • 4. My brother (kick) me really hard!
  • 5. I had never(eat) Chinese food before yesterday.
  • 6. I (watch) about three hours of TV on a Monday because all my favourite programmes are on.
  • 7. I have just (buy) dinner for tonight.
  • 8. I really (want) a pony when I was little.
  • 9. Have you (choose) what you’re wearing tonight?
  • 10. I (go) to a club last night.