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Verb Tense Practice

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Take a look at the irregular verb blow.

Blow is the present simple tense

Blew is the past simple tense

Blown is the past participle

Blowing is the progressive form.

Blow has a number of meanings e.g. to move and make currents of air: "The wind blew the paper out of my hand. I had to run after it."
Or 'to seriously damage something by making it explode': "The explosion blew the factory up."

Now use the correct form of the verb in the following tenses:

  • 1 - The wind has the tree over.
  • 2 - The wind was strongly all day yesterday.
  • 3 - Did the wind this plant-pot over?
  • 4 - When the wind we'll go and fly our kite.
  • 5 - on your soup if it's too hot to drink.
  • 6 - Children love bubbles.
  • 7 - The wind all of the clouds away last night.
  • 8 - The flowers have been all over the garden.
  • 9 - Last week's explosion the building down.
  • 10 - your nose in this tissue - don't keep sniffing.