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Verb Tense Practice: Throw

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Take a look at the irregular verb throw.

Throw is the present simple tense

Threw is the past simple tense

Thrown is the past participle

Throwing is the progressive form.

Now use the correct form of the verb in the following tenses:

  • 1 - The rider was as the horse jumped the fence.
  • 2 - The next time it snows I'm going to a snowball at you.
  • 3 - His wife was so angry she a vase at him!
  • 4 - Carl away his old clothes every year.
  • 5 - She's been stones into the lake all morning.
  • 6 - The first person to a six on the dice can start the game.
  • 7 - The man was out the restuarant for being drunk and loud.
  • 8 - We are a surprise party for James. Don't tell him!
  • 9 - all your energy into your work.
  • 10 - In London, many nationalities have been together.