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Verb Tense Review

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It's time to review your knowledge of verb tenses. All you have to do is read through the ten sentences below and choose the correct missing verb in each one. Use the base form of each verb in brackets to help you and only use one word in your answer.  Make sure you spell the words correctly.


Link: Verb Tense Review

  • Where should I (put) the empty bottles?
  • I'm going to (take) a few days off work soon.
  • They've (be) in the meeting for hours.
  • I (hear) the song last night.
  • The horse was (ride) by the young girl.
  • He had already (see) it.
  • Has she ever (buy) you lunch?
  • I am (look) for it at the moment.
  • Are you going to (speak) to her about it?
  • They (stop) calling me.