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Verbs as Adjectives

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Verbs are words for doing something, or being something. "This movie amuses me."

In this example, "amuses" is a verb. "Amuses" is what the movie is doing.

An adjective is a word that describes something.

We can use "amuse" as an adjective. If we want to describe the movie with "amuse", we must change "amuse" to "amusing".

"This movie is amusing."

In this example, the verb is "is". "Amusing" describes the movie.

Now use the correct form of each verb to complete the sentences:

  • 1. (Relax) Lying in bed is .
  • 2. (Ring) Please answer the telephone!
  • 3 . (Amuse) The people felt after watching a good theatre show.
  • 4. (Smile) We love to see faces.
  • 5. (Wash) Please put the clothes in the closet.
  • 6. (Tire) After running, I felt .
  • 7. (Shine) It’s hot because of the sun.
  • 8. (Mash) They like to eat potatoes.
  • 9. (Type) The teacher wants three papers.
  • 10. (Terrify) The car accident was a experience.