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Verbs and Nouns

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How many of these words do you know?

Do you know both the verb and noun form?

Use the words in the table to complete the ten sentences below.

Today's lesson comes from Nasreen at EC Cape Town English School

Verbs and Nouns

Verb Noun
communicate communication
confuse confusion
correct correction
create creation
decide decision
divide division
imagine imagination
inform information
invite invitation
translate translation
  • 1. I need some more about this course.
  • 2. I asked the professor to my writing.
  • 3. We sent Sandra an to the party.
  • 4. He couldn't which car to buy.
  • 5. I can't how you did it!
  • 6. There was no between the two of them.
  • 7. I asked him for the , because I couldn’t find it in the dictionary.
  • 8. She told me the dress I made was a beautiful .
  • 9. The started when he began speaking about maths.
  • 10. We should the work equally.