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Verbs Followed by Gerunds List

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advise             Doctors generally advised doing exercise.
allow               The European Union doesn't allow smoking in bars.
anticipate        I anticipated getting stuck in traffic.
appreciate      I appreciated Danny helping me.
avoid              He avoided talking to her.
begin              I began learning Spanish.
can't bear       He can't bear being late.
can't help       He can't help drinking so much.
can't see        I can't see us living in London.
can't stand     He can't stand her smoking in the street.
cease             The government ceased providing free healthcare.
complete        He completed renovating the house.
consider         She considered moving to Amsterdam.
continue         He continued talking.
defend           The lawyer defended her making such statements.
delay              He delayed replying to the letter.
deny               He denied committing the crime.
despise          She despises waking up early.
discuss           We discussed working at the company.
dislike            She dislikes being ignored.
don't mind      I don't mind helping you.
dread              She dreads meeting her in-laws.
encourage      He encourages eating healthy foods.
enjoy              We enjoy swimming.
finish              He finished doing his homework.
forget             I forgot giving you my book.
hate                I hate doing the ironing.
imagine          He imagines working there one day.
involve           The job involves travelling to Japan once a month.
keep               She kept interrupting me.
like                  She likes listening to music.
love                 I love reading.
mention          He mentioned going to the theatre tonight.
mind               Do you mind waiting here for a few minutes.
miss                She misses living near the shops.
need               The aquarium needs cleaning.
neglect           Sometimes she neglects doing her homework.
permit            Most hotels do not permit smoking in restaurants.
postpone        He postponed returning to Paris.
practice          She practiced singing the song.
prefer             He prefers sitting at the back of the movie theatre.
propose          I proposed having lunch at the beach.
quit                 She quit worrying about the problem.
recall              Tom recalled using his credit card at the store.
recollect         She recollected living in Spain.
recommend    Tony recommended taking the train.
regret             She regretted saying that.
remember       I remember telling her the address yesterday.
report             He reported her using office property for her personal use.
require           The certificate requires completing two courses.
resent             Peter resented Danny's being there.
resist              He resisted asking for help.
risk                 He risked being caught.
start                He started studying harder.
stop                She stopped working at 5 o'clock.
suggest          They suggested staying at the hotel.
tolerate          I tolerated them being at the party.
try                  Sam tried opening the lock with a paperclip.
understand     I understand his quitting.
urge                They urge recycling bottles and paper.

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