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Verbs + Prepositions

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Many students consider prepositions to be the most difficult part of the English language and it’s easy to understand why.

They are small words that are difficult to remember and can affect the meaning of a sentence enormously.

It takes memorisation and practice to use them correctly, but they are definitely not impossible to learn.

Let's look at sentences that use a verb followed by a preposition.

For example: wait for a bus not wait to a bus.

Choose the correct options. Good luck!

  • 1. I will arrive ___ school at 8:45 tomorrow morning.

  • 2. I'm leaving ___ my friend's house after I'm finished working.

  • 3. I've lost my phone. Can you help me look ___ it?

  • 4. My grandfather is very old and can't walk. He needs a nurse to look ___ him.

  • 5. When I saw my sister across the street I shouted ___ her to get her attention.

  • 6. My boyfriend was so angry that he shouted ___ the waiter for his bad service.

  • 7. I'll apply ___ Microsoft and see if anyone there wants to interview me for a job.

  • 8. I have no choice, I need to apply ___ a loan from the bank.

  • 9. I've spoken ___ the manager directly. He'll help us.

  • 10. I like to speak ___ cars with my colleague.