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Verbs that show actions

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Verbs that show actions or 'action verbs' are the most used verbs.
Action verbs take 's' in the third person when they are singular verbs:
He lives in Athens.
She works in the city.
It rains a lot in February.

Negative sentences need 'do not', 'does not', or 'did not'.
He does not live in Athens.
She does not work in the city.
It does not rain in August.
It did not rain in June.

Questions begin with 'do', 'does', or 'did'.
Does he live in Athens?
Does she work in the city?
Do you like it here?
Did it rain in June?

In informal writing, 'do not' is shortened to 'don't', 'does not' to' doesn't' and 'did not' to 'didn't'.
He doesn't live in Athens.
She doesn't work in the city.
It didn't rain in June.

Here is a table with the variations of the verbs using 'work'.

Positive Sentences Negative Sentences Question Form
I work I don't work Do I work?
You work I don't work Do you work?
He/She works He/She doesn't work Does he/she work?
We work We don't work Do we work?
They worked They didn't work Did they work?

Now choose the correct sentence from the following:

  • 1 - Which is correct?

  • 2 - Which is correct?

  • 3 - Which is correct?

  • 4 - Which is correct?

  • 5 - Which is correct?

  • 6 - Which is correct?