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Verbs with Two Objects

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Many verbs can have two objects – one direct object and one indirect object.

Usually the indirect object refers to a person, and this often comes first.

For example: "He gave his sister a camera". If we put the indirect object last, we use a preposition (usually to or for). For example: "I passed my licence to the policeman".

Change the structure of the following sentences:

  1. Let me make some tea for you.
  2. Would you get me a glass of wine
  3. I've bought a gift for you.
  4. Could you send me the bill?
  5. Read the email to me, will you?
  6. He teaches adults German.
  7. Leave me some oranges.
  8. I took the report to Mr Black.
  9. Show Grandpa your picture.
  10. I gave my wife some flowers.

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Lesson by Amanda, EC Cape Town English school