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Very Strange Chocolate

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Anyone I've ever taught will know how much I love chocolate. But they may not know, that I also love the British sandwich spread Marmite. Especially on toast with cheese...

However, I’m not sure how I feel about this new invention, marmite chocolate! Read this article and see if you can fit in the missing words. Can you think of any other ‘very peculiar’ food combinations?
Lesson by Caroline

Key words:


Very Peculiar Chocolate:

They are not _(1)_ you would normally connect.

But Marmite is challenging _(2)_of taste by combining its yeast spread with chocolate.

The ‘Very Peculiar’ milk chocolate bars cost £3 and will be available from Monday in stores including BHS and Debenhams and online.

Like the brands advertising _(3)_, the new line is likely to prompt ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ reviews.

The strong smelling 100g bar is made with 98% milk chocolate and two percent marmite _(4)_.

This includes yeast extract, onion powder and garlic powder.

Chef Rowley Leigh, owner of Le Cafe Anglais in West London, agreed to try the new _(5)_ for the daily mail.

He was not impressed.

‘The thing is they have so little faith in the product that there is hardly any marmite in it.

Although you can smell it quite strongly, the _(6)_ only comes at the finish’, he said.

‘They have tried to make it as mild and sweet and innocuous as they can.

It starts out as slightly bland chocolate but, in the background, it is deeply _(7)_’.

Have you ever tried Marmite? Did you like it?

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