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Visit Malta: reading and vocab practice

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Malta is a tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.  It has a wonderful climate with sunny days for most of the year. Because of its great weather, lots of sightseers visit the island in the summer. They can make the most of the beaches and water sports that are available. Malta also has a rich history which is reflected in the many historical spots and places of interest. For example, Malta has some of the oldest stone temples in the world.
The Maltese way of life is laid-back and the people are friendly. Malta has its own unique cuisine - you should definitely try out some of the local dishes when you visit.
As Malta is so small, it is very simple to travel around and the island has a cheap and regular bus service. There are plenty of traditional, little villages to explore and you must visit the historical towns like Valletta and Mdina, where you can enjoy the beautiful architecture.
When the sun goes down, Malta has excellent nightlife: nightclubs, bars, restaurants; you name it, Malta has it! For such a small country there certainly is a lot packed into it.
And my favourite thing to do? Having some chocolate cake and a coffee while I enjoy the sweeping views of the island from Fontanella restaurant in Mdina.


Now match the key words in bold above to their definitions:


Fontanella Restaurant

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  • Relaxed:
  • Tourists:
  • Centre:
  • Food:
  • Small:
  • The art and science of designing and making buildings:
  • Often:
  • Places:
  • Entertainment and social activities which happen in the evening in bars and nightclubs:
  • What you can see from a particular place: