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Visiting Cape Town - Mixed Prepositions Quiz

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After last year's World Cup in South Africa, Cape Town is becoming a more and more popular destination for English learners. The whole planet got to see what an amazing city it is, and now people really want to check it out for themselves.

Students are attracted to this area because of its culture, nature and climate. Cape Town is a fascinating city that travellers soon fall in love with.

Today Amy Whiting, a teacher at our Cape Town English school, gives us ten statements about her hometown. All you have to do is add the correct preposition.

  • 1- Summer is just the corner and it's going to be a scorcher!
  • 2 - This sun rises 5 o'clock and the days ends with an exquisite sunset .
  • 3 - If you are Cape Town make sure you look at the beautiful sunset in Sea Point.
  • 4 - While you are there listen the sound of the ocean
  • 5 - If you're feeling energetic get a bicycle and explore.
  • 6 - Visit a gorgeous restaurant -looking the harbour and try a delicious plate of seafood.
  • 7 - The Waterfront is always buzzing especially a warm summer night.
  • 8 - Make sure you always get to school time. (don't use 'in time')
  • 9 - Wake early so you won't be late.
  • 10 - There are plenty things for you to see and do!