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Vocabulary - In the Office

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Many people learn 'pen, pencil and paper' in their first English lessons, but can you remember these words, which are also things you would find in an office?

Match each word to its definition. What else do we find in an office?

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. Something you use to secure pieces of paper together.

  • 2. Something you use to write notes on that everyone in the office will see.

  • 3. Something you carry to work and put your things in.

  • 4. The place where you sit and do all your work.

  • 5. The place where you keep all your documents.

  • 6. Pieces of paper which have important information on them.

  • 7. Something you use to put a small hole in paper.

  • 8. Something you use to make copies of documents.

  • 9. Something you use to store information on, digitally.

  • 10. Something you use to do maths and sums.