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Vocabulary - Life Stages

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In English, we divide our lives into stages which relate to our age. For example, my cousin Jake is three years old, so he is a toddler. Below are the stages listed in order, then some sentences in which you need to choose which 'stage' word fits.

What stage of your life are you in? Are you an adult who feels like a teenager?!

Life Stages - Youngest to Oldest


Now add the correct words to complete the sentences:

  • 1. My is so naughty at the moment, since she learnt to walk I can't control her!
  • 2. My friend brought her to my wedding. She was gorgeous, less than a week old!
  • 3. I hate being an paying taxes and not getting any school holidays.
  • 4. My has just discovered girls. He is 16 and he never talks to us anymore!
  • 5. Being a can be incredibly difficult. School is a whole new world and nowadays you are expected to learn so much so quickly. Mine started doing exams when he was just six years old.
  • 6. Justin Bieber is definitely for the market; 11 and 12 year old girls love him.
  • 7. My girl is six months old and she has already started crawling.
  • 8. I'm really worried about my aunt. She is living alone and isn't getting the help she needs.