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Vocabulary and Pronunciation lesson

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In English there are a number of words that share a pronunciation but have a different meaning. For example:

"I can see the sea."

In the above sentence see and sea have different spellings and meanings, but have the same pronunciation. They are examples of homophones.

Take a look at these ten sentences. Decide which is the correct word to complete the sentence. Each of the words have the same pronunciation.

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  • 1 - ___, sugar, eggs and milk are all needed to make a cake.

  • 2 - All the people went to church to ___.

  • 3 - Children still like to read traditional fairy ___.

  • 4 - The ___ on the stereo made all the windows shake.

  • 5 - The table is strong because it is made of ___.

  • 6 - I can hear the birds in the morning going ___ outside my bedroom.

  • 7 - I'm going to ___ my friend who is a butcher.

  • 8 - Come ___ and listen to me.

  • 9 - I want to ___ a car for the weekend.

  • 10 - I love boats. I ___ at least once a week.