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Vocabulary Lesson: The Greatest!

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The following article talks about some of the most unforgettable moments in the life of a sporting icon, I'm sure you have heard of him, Cassius Clay, "The Greatest Muhammad Ali". Read the text and try to put the correct verbs in each gap. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

English Vocabulary

Dazzled - (verb) past tense of 'dazzle', to impress or surprise someone by being very or exciting or attractive. "The singer always dazzles her audiences."
Diagnosed - (verb) past tense of ' diagnose ', to recognize a disease or illness in someone. "She was diagnosed as having cancer."
Got - past tense and past participle of 'get'. "I got an email from my sister."
Considered - (verb) past tense of 'consider', to think of or regard (someone or something) in a specified way. "Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the most intelligent people ever."
Honoured - (verb) past tense of 'honour', to publically show respect and admiration for someone.  "They're holding a special ceremony at which she's being honoured as player of the year "
Prevented - (verb) past tense of 'prevent', to stop something from happening or existing. "After the car accident police prevented traffic from going down the road."
Refused - (verb) past tense of 'refuse', to say or show that you are not willing to do something that someone wants you to do. "I refuse to go to my office on Sunday, it's supposed to be my day off!"
Revoked - (verb) past tense of 'revoke', to officially cancel something. "His driving license was revoked after the was arrested for drink-driving."

English Lesson: Muhammad Ali

1. In the 1960 Olympics in Rome, the 18 year old boxer _1_ with his incessant beat and footwork throughout the Olympic boxing tournament. He won the gold medal and changed the sport forever.

2. Cassius Clay_2_ his first opportunity to fight for the world title against champion Sonny Liston on February 25, 1964 in Miami Beach. He finally won and later on in 1965 changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

3. In the midst of the Vietnam War in 1967, Ali _3_ military service, invoking his religious beliefs. Following this, he was stripped of his title; his boxing license was _4_ and he was sentenced to five years in prison. In the end, the Supreme Court overturned the verdict and allowed him to return to the ring after nearly three and a half years of inactivity. Many consider that because of the controversy the boxing world was _5_ from enjoying the best years of Ali.

4. On his return to boxing, Ali was still _6_ the champion of the people, while Joe Frazier had the title. This led to the first battle of the trilogy at Madison Square Garden on March 8, 1971 and is still called "The Fight of the Century." It was a fierce and brutal battle from start to finish. In the 15th assault a powerful hook floored Ali, who stood up and lost by unanimous decision.

5. Ali was _7_ with Parkinson's disease in the early 80's, but still devoted himself to humanitarian work around the world. One of the most dramatic, surprising and exciting moments in Olympic history happened during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. Unexpectedly, Ali came out of the darkness to accept the torch and light the cauldron before the astonished eyes of the sports world.

6. Ali was the greatest figure in the "Golden Age" of the heavyweights and perhaps in history. Upon completion of the century, he was _8_ for his role within and outside the ring. Sports Illustrated and the BBC, among others, named him "Sportsman of the Century." When Ali first said "I am the greatest" perhaps never imagined the weight these words would carry.

Use today's eight new words to complete the text:

  • Missing word 1:

  • Missing word 2:

  • Missing word 3:

  • Missing word 4:

  • Missing word 5:

  • Missing word 6:

  • Missing word 7:

  • Missing word 8: