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Vocabulary Quiz

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The better your vocabulary is the easier you can communicate ideas, thoughts, and emotions to those around you.

From the informal slang we use with friends, to the more formal English of business and academia, we need vocabulary to suit every occasion. A good vocabulary makes it easier for you to understand what you hear and read. A good vocabulary will also improve your fluency by reducing your thinking time.

The harder we work to learn new words, the simpler our lives become!

Today's lesson is a vocabulary quiz. What ten words are being described below? As a hint, the amount of letters in the word is shown in brackets.

For example:

Question: A person who sells plants and flowers (7 letters)
Answer: Florist

Type your answers in the spaces next to the questions and make sure you spell the words correctly:

  • 1) Another word for chair (4 letters):
  • 2) To make smaller (6 letters; first letter 'r'):
  • 3) To clean a room/surface using a broom (5 letters):
  • 4) This person is your your father's brother: (5 letters)
  • 5) Not genuine (4 letters):
  • 6) Without delay (11 letters; adverb; first letter 'i'):
  • 7) To defeat somebody in a game or competition (4 letters):
  • 8) A scientific test that is done in order to study what happens (10 letters; adverb; first letter 'e'):
  • 9) Strange or unusual (8 letters;adjective; first letter 'p'):
  • 10) A collection of things, for example art, that are shown to the public (10 letters; first letter 'e'):