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Vocabulary quiz: Choose the correct word

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A vocabulary quiz for you today. What's the situation in these 15 sentences? Only choose one answer for each multiple-choice question.

How many did you get correct? Leave your score, feedback and questions in the comments area.

Choose the correct answer from the three options:

  • 1) When it's pouring down outside you should:

  • 2) When you are feeling exhausted you should:

  • 3) When something tastes disgusting it is:

  • 4) When a train is packed it is:

  • 5) When someone looks guilty they've probably:

  • 6) When it's bright outside you should:

  • 7) When you are walking aimlessly you:

  • 8) When something is hilarious it is:

  • 9) When a room is tiny it is.

  • 10) If your friend always thinks the best will happen she's:

  • 11) When it's icy outside you should:

  • 12) When it's boiling outside you should:

  • 13) When an exam is tough it is:

  • 14) When shoes are tight they are too:

  • 15) People who don't like boys with long hair or girls with tattoos are probably: