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Vocabulary: Renting an apartment

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Looking for a place can be exciting but it's also likely to be a stressful experience.

Places to rent may be limited therefore it is important that you ask at your English school for advice on where to start searching.

The most important thing about renting an apartment is finding a place within your budget.

If places are too expensive you should consider getting a roommate to help with the rent.

When you meet the landlord, try to make a good impression, be the sort of tenant he or she would be comfortable renting to.

Does the landlord seem like a good person? Remember you will have to trust your landlord will help you if you have problems in your apartment.

Property owners generally ask for a deposit when you move in. This money should be returned when you eventually move out as long as you the leave the apartment in good condition.

A non-refundable deposit means the money will not be returned to you.

A furnished apartment has all the furniture and appliances you need to move straight in. Move into a unfurnished place and you will have to buy your own bed, sofa, table and chairs!

Before moving in you will sign a contract with the landlord called a lease. Read the lease carefully before you sign it. Make sure that all terms and conditions are exactly what you were told.

Make sure you know what is included. Some rental properties include utilities and internet as part of the monthly rental cost, while other properties do not.

If you are unsure about anything, ask for clarification or show a staff member at your school and then make sure it is written in your lease.

Also include a list of any pre-existing damage the property has. Once you have decided to move in, check the property for any issues and note them down with your landlord for inclusion in the lease.

Now see how well you have understood some of the keywords:

  • 1) The money paid regularly to use a property is:

  • 2) Utilities include:

  • 3) A lease is a:

  • 4) A person you live with is a:

  • 5) The particular money you have for something is your:

  • 6) Money that is paid by somebody when they start renting:

  • 7) The person who you rent from is a:

  • 8) A furnished apartment has:

  • 9) A person who lives in a rented property is a: