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Vocabulary Review

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Today's lesson is a general noun quiz. All you have to do is choose the word that is being described in each sentence.

An important part of learning a language is to review words you have learned in the past. Sometimes we want to learn new words so much that we forget to go back any study the words we have learned before. The problem with this is we can end up forgetting words we thought we knew. How many times have you come across a word you remember seeing but can no longer remember what it means?

Choose the word that is being described in each sentence:

  • 1) The season when leaves on trees turn red:

  • 2) Sick people in hospital:

  • 3) Item we using for cutting paper:

  • 4) A part of your arm that bends:

  • 5) The container you sit or lie in to wash your body:

  • 6) Dirty air, water or land:

  • 7) A soft object that you rest your head on in bed:

  • 8) A white or grey mass that floats in the sky, made of small water drops:

  • 9) The son of your brother or sister:

  • 10) Someone whose job is to understand the law and deal with legal situations: