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Vocabulary with Montreal

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Did you know Montreal is the world’s largest fully bilingual city, ranked 8th among the 10 best cities to visit in the world? (‘Best in Travel 2013’ guide, Lonely Planet).

It is also the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada.

But there’s so much more to it than that...

We have a few more interesting facts about this exciting city. Can you guess what the words in CAPITAL LETTERS mean?

Learn English in Montreal

  • 1. Montreal is the second largest FRANCOPHONE city in the world, after Paris in France of course!

  • 2. During its 350th year (celebrated in 1992), most of the city’s attractions were RENOVATED.

  • 3. Montreal is regarded as one of North America’s greatest COSMOPOLITAN cities.

  • 4. It is one of Canada’s most important ports, VITAL for the transhipment of sugar, grain, oil, machinery and other manufactured goods.

  • 5. Montreal is also an important railway HUB, with an underground rail system called the Metro.

  • 6. The city was INITIALLY called Ville-Marie (City of Mary).

  • 7. Montreal’s "Underground City" is a climate-controlled LABYRINTH of 2000 shops, spreading over 18 miles.

  • 8. Benjamin Franklin was sent to Montreal during the American Revolution to PERSUADE the Canadians to join the American cause against the British.