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Beginner Level: Waiter or Customer?

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Students - in each sentence do you know who is talking, the waiter or the customer?

For example: 'Would you like fries with that?' is something that the waiter would ask.

When you have answered the questions, tell us what your favourite restaurant is, and your favourite food!

Good luck! PS: Two of the sentences have different words but the same meaning- we say one in American English and one in British English. Which two sentences have the same meaning?

Lesson by Caroline

  • a. Smoking or non-smoking?

  • b. This way, please.

  • c. Coffee, please.

  • d. Would you like something to drink?

  • e. I'd like a hamburger, please.

  • f. What kind of beer would you like?

  • g. I'd like the bill please.

  • h. Waitress! / Waiter!

  • i. Would you like some dessert?

  • j. Do you have apple crumble?

  • k. Is everything all right?

  • l. This is cold.

  • m. The check, please.

  • n. Are you ready to order?