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Ways to say Stop

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Think about something you did in the past but now you don't. For example, I used to go to high school, but now I don't. Used to tells us we no longer do an action (go to high school).

Today we look at some other words we can use say something has stopped; it no longer happens.


She quit her job and went travelling around Europe.

Give up

My doctor told me I should give up smoking.


This slang word means to stop doing something or abandon it (leave it behind):

She ditched her boyfriend because he was selfish.

Let's ditch this afternoon's lesson and go to the park.


This formal word means to stop doing or providing something:

The company is discontinuing foreign sales.

They discontinued making that particular model last year.


Another formal word popular in news media:

It's difficult to say when the heavy snow will cease

They all prayed for the war to cease.

Now choose the correct form to complete each sentence:

  • 1) When will you ever ___ acting like a child!

  • 2) I've ___ up trying to answer these questions.

  • 3) They ___ going to nightclubs after they had a baby.

  • 4) I've been thinking about ___ school tomorrow.

  • 5) We will ___ opening on Sundays next month.

  • 6) They ___ producing cars in this factory in 1997.