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Weather Phrasal Verbs

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Whether you're an on an English course in Malta enjoying the sun or enjoying winter sports in an English school in Vancouver, the weather is a huge part of your experience. British people, it is said, love talking about it. Talking about the weather is a popular small talk topic (polite conversation between people at social events). To make your English sound more natural, here are some phrasal verbs you can use to describe the weather.

Phrasal verbs connected with weather

Brighten up - the sky becomes lighter and the sun starts to shine
Cloud over - the sky becomes covered with clouds
Clear up - it stops being rainy or cloudy
Warm up - to become warmer
Cool down - to become cooler

Complete these sentences using one of the phrasal verbs you've just learned. When you have finished write some example sentences in the comments area using today's vocabulary. Make sure you write the correct tense in your sentences.

  • 1 - There's a lovely blue sky now but unfortunately the forecast says that it's going to ___ later in the day.

  • 2 - I hate when it's so hot. I wish it would ___.

  • 3 - I think spring is coming soon because the weather is ___.

  • 4 - Let's go for a walk this afternoon if the rain ___.

  • 5 - We could have a picnic this afternoon if the weather ___.