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Wedding Vocabulary

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Weddings are wonderful events and I'm really looking forward to my cousins wedding in October! I'm particularly excited about the food, which sounds amazing. There is lots of vocabulary related to marriage and weddings and here are some of the most common words. Read the paragraph below to see the vocabulary in context, then try and match the words to their meanings. Are any of you getting married soon? Or are you already married? Tell us about your big day!

Lesson by Caroline

Learn English Wedding Vocabulary

My boyfriend finally made a proposal, we are engaged! I can't believe I am someone' fiancée! We are planning a wedding for December and are going to have a beautiful reception party at a hotel in Greenwich. I’ve already chosen my bridesmaids and he has decided that his brother will be his best man. I don't think I'll wear a veil on the big day, maybe a tiara instead. We still need to choose our wedding rings but we've got plenty of time. I'd like us to have matching ones. We are booking a short honeymoon to Venice which is a place neither of us has been but that we have always wanted to go to. How romantic! On our wedding day, nothing will be more important than the bride and groom!

Now match the definitions to the correct words:

  • A. A white piece of material that some brides wear on their head.

  • B. A piece of jewellery that a traditional married couple gives each other.

  • C. The bride's best friends who are involved in the wedding.

  • D. The groom's best friend who traditionally, makes an embarrassing speech.

  • E. The big party after the ceremony.

  • F. When a man/woman asks their partner to marry them.

  • G. When both people in the couple decide they will get married.

  • H. What the man is called on the wedding day.

  • I. This is usually the ceremony and the big party.

  • J. The holiday that some couples take after they get married.

  • K. What the woman is called on the wedding day.

  • L. What the woman is called when she has agreed to marry the man.