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Wedding Vocabulary and Reading

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Read the following paragraph about the wedding I went to over the weekend and pay attention to the words in blue. Do you know what they mean?

Last weekend I went to my cousin's wedding in Gozo. He had been engaged for a while now so it was time for him to tie the knot. They really pushed the boat out with the wedding; it was a really lavish occasion with well over 400 guests in attendance. The ceremony was held in a large church and the bride looked beautiful in her big white dress. The wedding reception was in a hotel and because of the great weather we were all outside in the garden area. My cousin is a surgeon and his new wife is a pharmacist so there were plenty of medical people there, but I spent most of the evening catching up with family remembers. I saw some people that I hadn't seen for years. Everyone had a great time; there was plenty of great food, drinks and a live band which had everyone up and dancing. I think the newlyweds are going on honeymoon to South Africa soon. I'm sure they'll have a very happy life together.

Key Words

Cousin (noun)- the child of your aunt or uncle
Engaged (adjective)- having formally agreed to marry
Tie the knot (idiom) - get married
Push the boat out (idiom) - to spend a lot of money on celebrating something
Lavish (adjective) - more than enough, especially if expensive; very generous
Bride (noun)- a woman who is about to get married or has just got married
Wedding reception (noun) - a party to celebrate the marriage ceremony of two people
Surgeon (noun) - a doctor who is specially trained to perform medical operations
Pharmacist (noun) - a person who is trained to prepare medicines and who works in a hospital or shop
Catch up (phrasal verb) - to discuss the latest news with people you haven't seen for a while
Honeymoon (noun) - a holiday taken by a man and a woman immediately after their marriage

OK. Now it's your turn. Use today's key words in some example sentences, or if you can, write about a wedding you have been to or your own wedding.

By the way, Gozo is a small island which is part of  Malta.

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