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Weekend Reading - Do You 'Work Out'?

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I did something yesterday that I thought I'd never do: I joined a gym!
My cousin, who's a 'gym- aholic', had been bugging me for ages to go, but I'd always turned him down.
So yesterday, with the best intentions in the world, I went to the gym...and today I'm really paying for it! My arms hurt so much that I can barely use my keyboard – (I'm sure the 'enter' key didn't use to be so hard to press).
While I was at the gym, I was thinking about all of you and all the words that we associate with working out; I was also wondering what you do to stay in shape.
Now it's your turn: can you give us some vocabulary that's related to exercise and what is your attitude to keeping fit? Leave your thoughts below!

By the way, I'm going again tonight so pray for me!

No pain, no gain...right?

By Chris

Now take a look at the words in bold and match them to their definitions. Type the NUMBER into the space, NOT the word.

  1. bugging
  2. turn down
  3. intention
  4. pay for something
  5. barely
  6. associate
  7. work out
  8. wondering
  9. in shape

Link:10 Food idioms

  • Good physical condition:
  • A plan:
  • Refuse/ decline:
  • Annoying:
  • Questioning/ thinking:
  • To suffer:
  • Connect:
  • Hardly:
  • To exercise: