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In the news: Star Wars - Scotland's Jedi Police

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Here's a news story that's very popular with news media at the moment.  Are you a Star Wars fan? You might find this unusual story amusing:

When asked in a volunteer survey to write down their religion, eight members of Scotland's police wrote 'Jedi'. In the famous Star Wars films, Jedis such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda use the Force to battle the evil Darth Vader (a Jedi who uses the dark side of the Force).

Scotland's Strathclyde  police officers were asked to take part in a voluntary survey in order to gauge the diversity of its officers; they wanted to see which religions were represented in the police. It's hard to tell from the results if the officers who claim to be Jedis are serious or whether they really do have an affinity for the Jedi teachings in the Star Wars movies.

Although the Strathclyde police force is the only force of the 55 polled U.K. forces to list any Jedis, there are plenty of other Jedis around the world. In a 2001 UK census, 400,000 people stated their religion as Jedi; making it the fourth largest religion in the UK!  In 2007 brothers Barney Jones and Daniel Jones set up a 30-member Jedi church in Holyhead on Anglesey in Wales, based on improving life using the Jedi principles.

Star Wars, conceived by George Lucas, is a six-film space-adventure saga that began in 1977 with the release of the movie Star Wars (later retitled Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope). The epic has been presented as a set of two trilogies.

May the Force be with you!

Key Words

Now match the key words to their meanings using the numbers:

  1. survey
  2. voluntary
  3. gauge
  4. diversity
  5. affinity
  6. census
  7. principles
  8. conceived
  9. trilogies

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  • Set of three works of art, books or films:
  • A set of questions designed to find out the opinions of people:
  • Done by choice not because you must:
  • Invented / planned:
  • To make a judgment about something, usually people's feelings:
  • Moral rules or standards of good behaviour:
  • When many different types of things or people are included in something:
  • A natural liking for something:
  • An official survey of everyone in a country to find out age, sex and religion: