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Well or Good?

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What's the difference between well and good?

Basically, use good to describe a thing and use well to describe an activity.

Good is an adjective

Use good to describe a noun.

You smell good. I like your perfume.
(good describes the noun you)

This is a good song.

What a good boy.

You speak good English.

Well is an adverb

Use well to describe a verb, adjective or another adverb.

She did well on the test.
(well describes the verb did)

The song is well written.

He's a well behaved boy.

You speak English well.

Use well for health

I heard you were ill, how are you now?
I'm well thanks.

Use good for an emotion

You have a test tomorrow, how do you feel?
I'm feel good.

Now decide if these sentences need good or well:

  • 1) I thought they played ___.

  • 2) She went home sick, she said she wasn't feeling ___.

  • 3) She speaks ___ English.

  • 4) He's a ___ dancer.