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Wh- Questions

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Simple lesson for you today so I expect you all to get 10/10. A big thanks to Caroline Devane at EC Cape Town English language school for taking the time to create this lesson. 

Question Revision:
In English there are two main types of questions:
*Yes or no questions
Eg. 'Do you like chocolate?'

*'Wh' questions. Questions that include who, whose, what, which, when, where, how or why
Eg. 'Whose chocolate is this?'
See if you can decide which 'wh' word is used in each of these questions:

Link: So and Neither

  • 1. ___ many students are in the class?

  • 2. ___ has stolen my chocolate?

  • 3. ___ is the train station?

  • 4. ___ is the news coming on TV?

  • 5. ___ time does class start?

  • 6. ___ pen is yours?

  • 7. ___ old is your brother?

  • 8. ___ didn't you come to class today?

  • 9. ___ much sugar do you take in your coffee?

  • 10. ___ is your favourite animal?